March 16, 2010

Its a great day!!

Well, I got my wheel back for my Pram - and guess what? it was actually a whole new Wheel, which was very surprising because they told me that they didn't have any spare parts - which is so dumb - how many people have that type of pram? must be huge. I know of 4 other people who have a Strider, and have problems with the wheel.

So Magnolia Down Under Challenge is having its very 1st Birthday!! So Happy Birthday Kellie, and wishing you many more to come!! and to celebrate there's a Birthday Blog Hop with heaps of candy on offer - so check it out HERE!!!

Ok so now I better go and make my entry for this weeks challenge - Birthday's. The Pink Elephant's challenge is Spring - so I think I can get both of them into the one card!! Have a great day!!

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  1. YAY to the wheel! Honestly these things are meant to be safe and reliant pfft! Although I had a mother's choice for a while with Heidi and it was not the best, annoying more, then when we had Chloe so close we needed a 2 seater and I got a Phil & Ted and we LOVE it. Not getting much use now they are 4 and 2, but when we need to we can still whip it out and they both jump in. I love the bucket seat even I want to jump in there, hahahahaha, might look a tad odd?!

    Can't wait to see your card :)

    Hugs Kel xx


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