May 1, 2015

A Bunch of Scrapbooking Pages.....

Hey!! So it's been a little while since my last blog post.... I think its because I didn't have a need to blog, since we decided to close off Magnolia Down Under Challenges.  Life has been so free and easy - definitely a good decision.

Anyway, I have been busy crafting - scrapbooking!!  I have loads of pictures and now I feel like I can actually get in a do something I wanna do!!  

This post has heaps of pictures....  I'm happy with my pages, even if my photo taking skills are BAD, Some of the details didn't really show up as good on some of the pages and they look a little wonky now that I have them up here on my blog - oh well.... you get the idea!!! 

So this page is a double layout about Ruby's 4th Birthday... she was pretty keen on her cake!

Here is the second page of the layout.... 

This one is a family shot, we had our photo taken by a professional, in November last year... I love how this one turned out!

This one is an actual class I did at my local scrapbooking store in Devonport. So the idea isn't mine, but I love how it turned out and I did learn a few tricks and got some new ideas. All my pages seem to be coming out the same..... Anyway the night was loads of fun and I love how this page looks.

This next one is of Ruby on her first day of Kinder last year.... It's very cute photo. 

This one is also from last year - Ruby's first athletic carnival....

And here she is, with a massive Lolly pop!!

Another First day of school....

and this is another Egg and Spoon race shot - where the egg kept on falling off!!

This pic is of 3 Ruby's.... they are all friends at school and this was taken at another little girls Birthday Party. 

So there you go.... not a card in sight, but still I've had heaps of fun creating these pages for Ruby's album.