September 7, 2012

I'm moving house!!!

Hi there everyone...

Well its finally happening after - what 2 years? planning building and now finally moving in:-)  As much as I can't wait to get there - I'm also SOOOOOOO over moving... packing and unpacking.... YUCK

Anyway I just wanted you all to know why I have disappeared for a while... I'm extra busy moving house, and I will also be without Internet connection for about a fortnight - hopefully not that long - but who knows, after the past 3 weeks of trying to get just a phone number?? OMG talk about hopeless.... but today I've managed to GET a phone number finally (not that it works just yet) and wireless Internet - which of course I have to wait for the bits and stuff to arrive before I can switch it on!! grrrrr so annoying.... 

so I will be taking a break for a wee bit, until I get myself all organised again in my NEW craft room - can't wait to have a play in there -  and also until I get my Internet connected again.

So see you all soonish, in mean time happy stamping!!!



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