May 21, 2012

I SMASH*ed for the very first time!!!

Happy Monday

Well it's cold and raining here today, so not so nice, I imagine there isn't all that much happening over at the new house either with bricks etc.... but it's really coming along:-)

Anyway I thought I would share my very first SMASH* page... yep I've taken the plunge and tried it out, it is rather a lot like Scrap booking except a little different...

So I have the black book, and I found this page for a top 10 and immediately thought Oooooo my fav places in the world... so yeah... that's what I did.  Although I probably could have done a TOP 20, because I have soooo many favourite places... LOL

Anyway here it is:

I did the hand writing myself, that was fun.  It's been ages since I did any fancy writing!!! I've added some thickers and washi tape and cute bike die cut and some flat flowers, along with a few other bits and bobs.  My Pic's are of me in the Trivoli Park in Copenhagen, and Hawaii :-)

Have you seen the SMASH* aholics group on Face Book, there is a closed group now, so you don't have to bombard all your friends with the comments from the open group LOL anyway there was a 24 hour Smash-a-thon over the weekend (in fact there was 3 because it was so much fun) so if your interested head on over and check it out:-) 

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. Hi Karen,

    Love your Smash book ,nice handwrighting ;))
    Think I'm gonna buy me a Smach also and wright things of me
    doesn't metter Fun and beautiful things ore sad things Love This.

    Hugs Sonja x

  2. Wow Awesome smash page Karen! I love all of the bits and pieces! I really want to try this so think I will have to take the plunge and give it a go ;)


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