October 27, 2011

A Sympathy Card

I'm not to sure on where to start so I'll just get straight to it.... We had some awful news the other day about a fellow blogger and dear friend's precious 2 month old baby grand daughter who passed away from SIDS... I can only imagine what they all must be feeling right now, especially our friend's daughter - I can only describe it as being an absolute nightmare.... I do wish I could scoop them all up and give them a hug, just to let them know that we are all thinking of them, and that we care so much.

Our friend as you may know, is a big Magnolia fan, so for my card after much much throught, I thought the beautiful magnolia tree and small Hummingbird would be just right. I've never made a sympathy card before and I guess I know my card won't make things easier for them, but it's just my way of saying I'm here and I'm thinking of you all, throughout this devastating time.


  1. Oh Karen this is just PERFECT! I just couldn't get any of my maggies to "feel right" but you have it nailed! Let's hope our little offerings help just a little at this tragic time!

  2. Hi Karen,

    You have made a wonderfull card for your friend. It shows so many feelings that words are some times not realy necessary. Lovely!! And wish your friend the best of me even we don´t know eache other...

    Greatings, Karin

  3. Karen, isso é lamentável....
    Mas, seu cartão ficou ótimo e vai levar carinho ao seu amigo!



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