October 24, 2011

A Place for all those Crafty Die's

Hi everyone, I wanted to show you how I have my Spellbinder Nestablilities and my Magnolia Doo Hickey's stored.... I must say after switching to my new system I was concerned that the dies would fall out as I turn the page - but nope they don't.  So I guess it's a success!!!!!!

Before switching, they were all in like a box in CD and DVD cases but they kept on falling out and going everywhere!! So annoying.  Anyway I was floating around in some online shops recently and I found some 12 x 12 album page protectors which had been divided up into 4 sections of 6x6... SOOOOOO naturally I put some in a cart and checked out.... I got them from HERE   Once I got my pages I went to my local, scrap shop, and bought a cheap 12 x12 3 ring binder album to put them in.....

I also have my dies in little flat plastic CD pockets... it just helps besides I had a bunch already labeled from the CD and DVD era (I started using these little pockets because I didn't have any more CD or DVD cases left!!!) So here is a pic of some nesties:

I was a little concerned when I came to a bunch of Whiff of Joy boarder dies, but I stuck them on a piece of magnet and slipped them in, that was a cool idea and works well.  Some of my Marianne D die's are too big for the CD pocket so they are just loose in the page pocket...

For the bigger Doo Hickey Boarder Dies however the solution was a little different because they had to go on a bit of a diagonal to fit in the the pocket... but so far so good, haven't had anything fall out yet!!! 

My little pockets are also great for those Cuttlebug embossing dies, in fact I now have all my embossing folders stored with my dies.  I've put some of the bigger embossing folders in the bottom 2 pockets... otherwise they would be sticking out of the top of the album... 

So I hope this idea has helped solve maybe a die storage problem for you.  It isn't actually MY idea I did see it somewhere else, but there is nothing like sharing:-) I'm actually on the hunt for Craft Room Storage ideas... I have a few already but more would be appreciated. So what's your best storage solution for any thing you have in your room/space????????


  1. Great idea Karen...x

    Enjoy this link....there are LOTS of Craft Room ideas.... http://craftystorage.blogspot.com/

  2. WHOA your have a big collection of dies!! No wonder you can make so many amazing cards!!! Thanks for the idea!! Hugs!


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