April 21, 2013

Going Green Baby - Re-use/Recycle

Hi There Everyone!!

Well this week at Magnolia Down Under Challenge, we have decided to be kind to our much beloved planet and re-used/recycled....

I have had my 6 x 6 Magnolia Papers shoved into an old Ice-cream container... and it was just sitting on the shelf in my craft Pantry.... So what could be more fitting for the Re-use - recycle theme?

My Cute Tilda is of course Tilda in a Cotton Dress.  I coloured her Purple (OMG Purple - I never use purple) because my ice cream tub is purple... (You can scroll down below to see the before shot) Anyway I just covered it over with some pretty Maggie paper, pom pom trim and some lace. I even used the branding off my big 12 x 12 Magnolia Paper to make a flag! 

 I made my center label/image rather big so that it didn't really need much else... So here it is, I hope you love it, and much as me... and it looks so much prettier in it's second life than it's first I think!

So this is the before pic.... looks rather ugly just sitting on the shelf like that doesn't it..... I must say the Ice-cream was pretty yummy in case you were wondering ;-p

So thanks so much for stopping by and taking a look!! 
Till next time, Happy Stamping/Crafting!!


  1. OMG Karen I LOVE this!!!! Not just your gorgeous makeover for it but your actual using it to put 6x6's in!! so neat!! Another thing I absolutely adore is that flag made from the papers!!!!! amazing work sweetie! hugs, Jane xxx

  2. WOW Karen, this is amazing. A fab idea and it's so useful too, Really pretty
    HUGZ Fleur xXx


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