January 11, 2013

La La Land Crafts Winter CHA Release!

Hi and Welcome to another AWESOME La La Land Crafts Release... this is the big one... YEP Winter CHA WhoooooooHoooooooooooooo

Oh Boy, we have had to hold on to our hats the past few weeks, getting our work created and sent to Irina... which was a tricky feat considering the Christmas Post... but thankfully my 4 projects made it just in time for CHA 

So first up, I want to introduce to you, Artist Marci... she is so cute (as always) but I love how we can add our little something to her Canvas or her coat... So here she is, I hope you love her as much as me...

Now this is actually a Canvas... silly me didn't get a side shot on it to show, but it's a 6x6 Canvas.  I went a little made with the new dies and of course added some of the older ones too.... can you pick them all??

Next up I have Picture Perfect Marci, she is just way to cute for words... or how about a picture tells a 1000 words... well that pretty much sums this Marci up.... check her out:

I went for Bright and Funky colours on this one, and Marci's frame is actually Paper Tole or layered to give it a little more dimension!!  You can also pick out a couple of the new dies on this one too..... mmmmm can you see them all?? 

I love the new dies, and I know you will too, but for us Australians we need to purchase ours from our local scrap shop... or if yours doesn't have La La Land stuff... well I would be stampin' my foot down if I was you..... my local does, so she is safe from a little foot stompin!!! LOL But getting side tracked, they are all available soon to purchase from La La Land Crafts.....

So here is all the newbie Images.... Aren't they fantastic!! 

And the Super COOL new Dies....

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to end of this here post.... it's a LONNNNNNNG one!!


  1. wow Karen absolutely adore your cards. The new images are great xx

  2. Esse lançamento vai fazer sucesso! Está tudo lindo!
    E o seu cartão ficou um encanto!



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