March 28, 2012

Well Guess who Just won some Fat Free Easter Candy!!!


Annette, Congrats Babes... I so laughed out loud when your number came up.... So while I'm typing up this post, your blog is open and I'm listen to a lovely song by Dolly and Kenny.... "Islands in the stream"... and you know what... I even know most of the words!!!

Gosh.... (shaking my head in a bit of shame) hehehehehehehe 

Thank you to EVERYONE who came along to my blog and linked up their names... and a special thank you to those newbie's who decided to become a follower of my blog... I'm humbled:-)

So Annette, are you making your way to Paperifc on Saturday??? Turns out that I am pretty much going to come after all.... I'm crook as a dog but I'm not going to let airlines and hotels rob me blind... so... I can hand deliver!!! (Don't worry it's not contagious) 

Otherwise, can you send me your snail mail address and I'll post it off to you ASAP!!!

Ooo now the song has changed... don't know this one!! LOL

Congrats again



  1. WOO HOO Karen, How AWESOME!! I can't believe it lol!! I know all the words to lol! So we could sing along together hehe!! I was hoping to go to Paperific on Sunday, Rosanna has Archery lessons on Sat @ 4.00. May come Saturday now and leave early will email. Sorry to hear you are still not well, had a horrible head cold myself for 2 weeks, just a bit of a nuisance lol! Thanks again, take care and hope to see you soonX:)

  2. p.s. couldn't find an email address, if you could email me, and we could sort something outX:)

  3. Congratulations Annette, enjoy the Easter goodies!
    Hugs Cheryl

  4. congrats to the winner
    Happy Easter
    :-) Nina


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