January 9, 2011

Whiff of Joy Secret Stamp Kits!!!

I wanted to tell you what Katharina has on offer!!  This year you can subscribe to a quarterly SECRET STAMP KIT!!  they are brand new images that haven't been seen before and are all designed by Elisabeth Bell!!  You will receive an A4 size (super large stamps) uncut, unmounted slab of rubber!! WHOOHOOOOOO now you dont wanna miss out on that do ya??  

Now here is the important part:  its only available on PRE-ORDER so make sure you head on over to Katharina's Blog to find out some more information and also to Subscribe - you can subscribe for the whole year (which is what I did hahaha) or you can PRE-ORDER the Spring Stamp Kit.... either way I'm sure if you love Whiff of Joy Stamps - you'll be heading on over there now to fix up your subscription!!


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  1. Hi Karen,

    I was there to take a look just a few min ago
    and on the bottom i read about it.
    And Ooow how i like a fun secret.

    have a nice weekend
    Sonja x


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