April 25, 2010


This morning while having my morning coffee, I went on my daily wander into Blog Land, first stop, was Magnolia Down Under Challenges, to see what the new challenge was....

and then, I thought my sleepy eyes were trickin' me when I saw my name up there to join in on the Design Team.... WOOHOO 

So I emailed Kellie and all the while I thought "does she actually mean me?? and not some other Karen?????"  But yes!! Its true, Kellie had picked me - I still can't believe it!!

WOOHOO  It really has made my day!!!!  Completely cheered me up from the horrible (under statement) week that has been happening to one of my, and my husband's work mate.

So here are a couple of pictures of my beautiful baby girl, Ruby.  She is almost 8 months old now and is so darn cute!!  She's sitting in her Bumbo (in her pj's) - because she can't sit up by herself yet, in fact she can't "do" a lot of things, but I don't mind because she stays where I put her, when all my friends baby's who are the same age, aren't.... hehehehe!!!  So I get to enjoy a little more non-mischief time for a while!!

Ruby must be thinking - what are you doing Daddy !!! Which I think, Ruby thinks quite often... heheheheheh


  1. Yay!!! Congrats! Welcome to the mad house :) Your little girl is such a cutie, and so happy, lol! I remember the days when I could put the boys down and they would stay in the one spot *sigh* i miss that a little sometimes. They were 8 months old when they started sitting up on their own, it was so cute!

  2. YAY - well done - going to check it out now - Ruby is sooooo cute - I miss her!!


  3. Yay !! Congrats Karen you truly deserve to be DT your cards are just so Fabulous.Awww Ruby is soooo cute!


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