January 29, 2010

Ruby's Wash Day

This is a cute pic that I took a couple of months ago, after Leigh and I had been shopping to buy Ruby some clothes. So of course they all had to be washed before she could wear them. So I washed them along with all her other clothes that needed to be washed and well, it took up like a 1/4 of the washing line!! I thought it all looked very cute, having these tiny little clothes on the line and I thought I would be a great page to go in her album. So I scraped it today.

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  1. hiyah Karen!
    i am popping in from kellie's first blog linky and ooooooh this is sooo cute!! I love all those teeny babygrows on the whirlygig!!! I remember washing all my little Mo's baby clothes and thinking is he really going to be this tiny? which was funny as we actually ended up having to go out and buy a tonne of tiny baby clothes as he was unwell when he was born!!
    huge hugs Lou xxx


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