January 28, 2010

Fancy Suitcase

This is what I have been doing over the past couple of days. Its not quite finished yet, but so far so good I think. I want to put some ribbons on the handle and I'm in the process of making a Tag also to put on the handle. I'm going to put my Thickers stickers in it, because I've got to many and they dont all fit in the desk drawer anymore..... oh dear..... thickers just makes to many different things!!! Thickers are actually alphabet stickers - I love them especially for my scrapbooking - which I haven't done any for ages and ages. I guess its because I have been doing heaps of other things, like making Christmas Cards, 30 or so Birthday Cards for my friend, and also making stuff for the stamp party that we had the other night.

So thanks for checking out my new blog, I hope you like what you see:-)


  1. Cool case! Well done!

    & I have been using cards up & nearly don't have any left! & umm... I need a couple more! hahahahaha

  2. That's ok!! I'll have heaps of new stamps here in a week or too (hopefully) So I'll be able to use some of those.

    By the way I got some sticky foam stuff for the stamps that you gave me for my early birthday present - so I'll be able to use them, when I get the stuff.


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