February 5, 2013

Scrapbooking with a Sketchy Sketch

Hi There!!

So I'm late again with my Sketchy Creation.... I'm getting slack aren't I.... no not really - I guess I have a really bad case of missing crafty mojo.... or lack of motivation to get crafty is probably more the right answer.... I have been reading so many books of late, and that has been taking up my free time instead of crafting!!

So anyway this fortnight at Sketchy, Kylie has made a gorgeous sketch.... you can scroll down below to check it out, or jump on over to Sketchy Challenges... Anyway I decided to do a scrap booking page, I haven't done a LO in so long... so here it is... 

So this is Ruby late last summer, she loves to help Daddy in the Garden and take his dustpan and broom.... on this occasion she was sweeping the rocks but then, as they are so appealing and smooth and interesting, she dropped the broom and then played with the rocks instead.... LOL she is so easy to distract its ridiculous! 

So here is Kylie's awesome Sketch.... Kylie is also the sponsor this fortnight, and is giving away a small prize of goodies... yum yum! I have tried to stick pretty close to the layout of the sketch, but I have done a square instead of a circle... its just a bit easier to pop into the album LOL

So thanks for looking - see you again soon!!

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